AlgometRx - Pain and Analgesic Drug Effect Measurement Device

A novel device and method for the objective measurement of pain and analgesic drug effect in children
Principal Investigator(s): 
Julia C. Finkel, MD
Dan Gura, PharmD, MPH
The Need: 

The current standard of care utilizes VAS (Visual Analog Scale) subjective pain scales. These scales are either observational, as in the case of infants, children and non-verbal patients, or self-rating scales. This approach does not allow for pain type to be discerned, nor does it provide decision support for the appropriateness of a particular drug treatment class or dosing regimen. Pain is often treated empirically, with drugs being used in a trial and error fashion leading to lack of efficacy, increased healthcare costs, and unnecessary side effects, tolerance, abuse.    

The Device: 

The AlgometRx platform technology provides a mechanistic approach to the objective assessment of pain and analgesic drug effect. The patented technology represents an integration of pupillary responses to light (pupillometry) and neurospecific neurostimulation (NSM) with the Camera, Processor, and Control Module (CPCM) as an attach-on to the smartphone. The smartphone-enabled device with built-in clinical algorithm software determines specific pain type (neuropathic vs. nociceptive) and detects and measures analgesic drug effect by evaluating parameters of the Pupillary Light Reflex (PLR) and Pupillary Reflex Dilation (PRD).   

Initial status: 
Current status: 
Progress of device development: 

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