Vivio Device

A Noninvasive and Inexpensive Device for Hemodynamic Monitoring of Pediatric Patients
Principal Investigator(s): 
Niema M Pahlevan, PhD
The Need: 

Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are among the most common form of newborn diseases. CHD accounts for about 10% of all infant deaths where early discharge from maternity units plays a significant role in increasing the risk. Unfortunately, there are very few noninvasive cardiovascular monitoring devices or diagnostic systems for pediatric applications. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new cardiovascular monitoring systems for pediatric patients in the maternity units and after discharge. Such systems and devices will be very useful for increasing survival in children with various forms of CHD.

The Device: 

The noninvasive carotid pressure waveform and heart sound waveform can be measured using the iPhone-based system called Vivio. The Vivio device transfers the waveform to an iPhone® or iPad through Bluetooth connectivity. The sensor of the Vivio device is similar to the end of a stethoscope. The waveforms are collected by placing Vivio on the carotid region of the neck. By applying the intrinsic frequency (IF) method on the carotid waveforms captured by Vivio (or an iPhone camera), relevant clinical information, such as left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF) can be obtained.

Initial status: 
Current status: 
How has APDC helped?: 

APDC is providing funding for prototypes to be built and for data to be collected and analyzed in order to 1) automate the fiducial marker detection to streamline hemodynamic waveform analysis,  2) optimize the current intrinsic frequency algorithm for pediatric patients, and 3) evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of the hemodynamic monitoring device using intrinsic frequency to detect cardiomyopathy, low cardiac output, and left heart valve diseases.

Progress of device development: 

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