IV Line Light

IV Line Light will allow pediatric caregivers to quickly identify specific infusion lines, thereby reducing the risk of error in medication delivery.
Industry partner: 
CHS Ventures
Principal Investigator(s): 
Hans Utz
The Need: 

The consequences of an error in infusion line identification are severe and potentially life-threatening. This is a particular issue in pediatric intensive care and especially in neonatal intensive care since multiple medications may be delivered via infusion to a very small child and the available physical space to separate lines can be significantly constrained. Routine tangling of lines as result of care delivery combined with the lines’ indistinguishable appearance can make quick identification of a particular line difficult and time consuming for the caregiver. Hospitals currently deploy a number of risk-reduction strategies to aid in line management, but they tend to be both time consuming and tedious for the caregiver. A significant portion of the caregiver’s time in a pediatric intensive care setting is spent tracing identical clear tubes and manually assuring the proper identification of lines, with potentially extreme consequences of error.

The Device: 

The LineLight system utilizes a method to immediately and uniquely visually identify on demand the entire length of an infusion line using light to speed the pediatric caregiver’s identification of the specific line so as to reduce the risk of error in medication delivery.          

Initial status: 
Current status: 
How has APDC helped?: 

APDC will provide funding for prototype production, product development documentation, and regulatory planning.

Progress of device development: 

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