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In addition to seed grant funding, APDC provides assistance to pediatric medical device innovators throughout the product development cycle.  If you are looking for APDC assistance, you can start by filling out the application below. That will help our experts point you in the right direction.

Please note: Our role is to facilitate access to resources that help your project successfully move through the phases of device development.  Should you receive advice and/or funding through our consortium, your project description and other details will be shared with the FDA.  You can only obtain funding from one of the seven national pediatric device consortia (PDCs), so should you be working with another, please make them aware of any request for support you make to APDC, and let APDC know if you have (or have previously received) funding from another PDC.

APDC claims no rights to the intellectual property of innovators seeking assistance. Inventorship of intellectual property created using consortium funds shall be determined by U.S. patent law, with ownership following the inventor’s or inventors’ obligation to assign that intellectual property to his/her employer or other institution, if there is such an obligation. Contractual agreements with collaborators or sponsors, such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, may also impact ownership and/or rights to intellectual property. In particular, the federal government will have a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for government purposes as required by the Bayh Dole Act and federal regulations.

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